CricBet was created as an attempt at demystifying the strategies used in modern-day game of Cricket. Released in 2015 as the first app from LNI, the focus was the 2015 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. Since then, the in-game analysis has reached new heights and terms such as player matchups have become part of the fan vocabulary.

As CricBet is preparing for its next avatar, in time for T20 World Cup in 2021, below is the description from the first release. The apps on Apple and Google stores will be updated as the tournament approaches. Stay tuned!


Talk about a big number! This number is 242. Taking the ICC ODI World Cup 2015 as an example, there were a total of 42 league matches, followed by 4 quarter-finals, two semi-finals and the big Final on March 29, 2015. Assuming just a win/loss probability, you can see how many outcomes are possible within just the league phase. Not probable, but theoretically possible.

CricBet was created to satisfy the urge of all Cricket Fans to bet on the outcome of the matches, how many runs will each team score (or how good are the batsmen), how many wickets will fall (or if the bowlers are any good), and who the man of the match will be.

As simple as that. Bet on each match, and compare your bets to the fans all over the world!