Why LNI?

It's better to let the results speak for themselves. However, here are some (deeply appreciated) of the public accolades and recommendations received on LNI founder's LinkedIn profile.

.. a visionary idea person AND has the combination of agility, strategic thinking and execution capability to get quick market validation ..

.. within a month built demo apps on both Android and iOS that resulted in three potential customer engagements ..

.. make engineering decisions that maximize "Return On Effort" ..

.. focused on helping us solve our problem and achieving our goal rather than making a "sale" ..

.. very details oriented and full of energy - gets things done. Pleasure to work with ..

.. ability to grasp the root cause of an issue is among the best ..

.. went out of his way to resolve any issues and used all of his connections to provide an excellent service and client experience ..

.. rare combination of technology and business acumen ..

.. a great example of someone with a "can do" attitude ..

.. knows how to apply technology as a tool for business ..

.. a deep thinker and brings great insight to the table ..